About us

Shandong WNN Industrial Co., Ltd is located at Weifang City, Shandong province, the World Kite Capital. It is near Jiaoji railway and Jiqing highexpress. The traffic is very convenient. Relying on the production base, WNN was founded in the year 2010. Tracing the history, our business was from 2001.In these years we focused on the researching .producing and trading of chemicalproducts. Our company has developed and expanded fast in the past years. Wetake advantage of the local resource; our products now include chemicals, machinery,electronics, packing products, arts and crafts, and others. Now we are in thefield of domestic trade, international trade and electronic b

Hot products
Other name: D-XYLITOL
Specification: USP32/NF27
Other name: TGA
Specification: 80% 99%
Other name: Sorbite
Specification: Solid
Other name: Sodium polysulphide
Specification: Liquid
Other name: 1,2,3,4-Butanetetrol
Specification: Food grade
Other name: Anti-oxidizing quinoline
Specification: Feed grade
Other name: PAX
Specification: 90%, pellet
Other name: CTA
Specification: 69%, colorless liquid
Other name: Hydroxyacetic acid
Specification: 70% liquid,
Other name: Curdlan gum
Specification: Food grade